How To Cultivate Freshwater Lobster For Beginners

Do you know that lobster is one of seafood that has a high flavor?  That is why lobster is one of seafood that has a very high price at supplier freshwater lobster. So imagine, if you eat seafood with the lobster menu, you will definitely spend more money to eat with the lobster menu. However, although the price of this seafood is very expensive, there are still many seafood fans who choose the lobster as their menu. This is proven by that the supply of lobster is less than the demand of restaurant customers. This fact can be your opportunity to cultivate the freshwater lobster. If you interest with this opportunity, so we will provide several ways of cultivating freshwater lobster for beginners.

Terms Of Live

generally, this freshwater lobster requires a wide enough area or pond. Other than that, freshwater lobster is also very tolerant with low oxygen. Yes, even so, living in this way can impact to the minimum of lobster to live and breed well.

The guidelines of the oxygen that can be used by the freshwater lobster are around 4 ppm. You must pay attention, not only about the oxygen but also about the temperature in the pool. This freshwater lobster is very suitable to live in a pool with a temperature of 250-290 C. For the acidity of water, this freshwater lobster is very suitable with water that has acidity around 7-9 pH. The freshwater lobster also needs the water that has medium to high calx content. This is very necessary because to maintain the calcium levels as the formation of freshwater lobster shells.

Freshwater Lobster Media

Actually, there is no benchmark for the media of freshwater lobster at supplier freshwater lobster. Thus, the media of freshwater lobster is very varied. But, generally, freshwater lobster is often cultivated extensively in soil pools. When you use soil pool media, you simply put the sires in the pond that have been dried first.

Different from the inventive method, freshwater lobster breeders who are cultivated in this intensive way give more food for freshwater lobster such as vegetables or other commercial feed. That is why freshwater lobster that is cultivated intensively are more expensive than freshwater lobster that is cultivated extensively. Besides soil pools, freshwater lobster can also be cultivated using fiber pools or cement ponds.

Hatchery Process

Before starting the method of cultivating freshwater lobster, you must choose a good seed. In this hatchery process, you need to distinguish between male breeders and female sires. How to distinguish it is quite easy. You can also do it by visually or seen.

  • Male freshwater lobster

The outer part of the male freshwater lobster has a red spot. And this red sign will appear when male freshwater lobster is 3 to 4 months old. There, lobsters have size about 3 inches or 7 cm. Well, male freshwater lobster at this time is ready to be mated with female freshwater lobster.

  • Female lobster

In the claws, there is no bulge or penis. This female freshwater lobster has a hole in the base of the third leg from the bottom or tail. Well, the hole is the genital of the female freshwater lobster and also the place for the egg to come out.

Choosing Parent

If you’re looking for a lobster parent at supplier freshwater lobster, look for a mother of freshwater lobster that is above 4 inches or about 10 cm. Generally, those age 5 to 6 months. Because freshwater lobster at this age has quite a lot of eggs in the process of fertilization.

Breed The Freshwater Lobster

You can breed the freshwater lobster by combining between male and female freshwater lobster. You can use 1 x 0,5 x 25 cm container or aquarium. The size of the aquarium can be entered by 5 female lobsters and 3 male lobsters. Basically, in the lobster breed, they will choose partners, so we need to put more than male lobster. So that female freshwater lobster can choose and lay eggs. After inserting freshwater lobster into the aquarium, then put at least 8 paralon pipes that have a diameter of 2 inches and a length of 20 cm. Wait for up to two weeks. Generally, after 2 weeks females can lay an egg.

Price Of The Freshwater Lobster

freshwater lobster is a type of water crustacean that is much sought after because it has a good taste and beautiful color. The price of freshwater lobster is quite expensive. That price depends on both domestic and foreign market demand. For the price of the freshwater lobster per kilos depending on the type and size. the price also depending on the large of the freshwater lobster. freshwater lobster has many types such as yabby lobster, maroon lobster, red lobster, red claw lobster, and etc. The most expensive price of freshwater lobster in the world is the yabby lobster. The price of that kind of lobster at supplier freshwater lobster is IDR 200.000 for one adult size.