How To Choose The Best Frozen Salmon Fillet

Who doesn’t like salmon? Besides salmon has a delicious taste, it also has many nutrition for our health. I can guaranteed if you try to eat for one time you will feel addicted. Usually, we can find salmon that has been fillet and frozen. It’s so easy to find in the supermarket or groceries. Maybe you will find the salmon fillet that looks the same. But, actually, they have differences. So, if you want to buy frozen salmon fillet, you must know how to choose the best.

Wild Salmon Vs Salmon Farmed

In general. Ther are two methods of salmon breeding, that is farmed salmon and wild salmon that breed naturally. If you want to talk about the taste and sustainability, wild salmon is superior to farmed salmon. Nutritionally, wild salmon is also richer in omega-3 and lower saturated fat than farmed salmon. So if you want to buy the best-frozen salmon fillet, you need to choose the wild salmon fillet. But the most of salmon that sell on the market is farmed salmon.

So how do you distinguish the farmed salmon and wild salmon? The sure thing is the price of wild salmon is more expensive than farmed salmon. Other than that, the color of wild salmon is redder or brighter than farmed salmon. Wild salmon also do not have white lines which are as much fat as farmed salmon. If you see the information “Atlantic Salmon” so it almost certainly farmed salmon. But if you go to the big supermarket, you can ask the officer about the selection of wild or farmed salmon fillet.

Fresh Salmon Vs Frozen Salmon

Fresh salmon means that the fish is around the week after being caught and has never been frozen. The problems are wild salmon will fishing seasons around June to August, and salmon is available at all times. If you see salmon in the supermarket that labeled “fresh” in February, so it’s likely gimmicked. So if you want to choose the best, you better to choose frozen salmon fillet. Salmon that are sold frozen are usually fresh salmon that is immediately frozen after being caught.

This freezing will maintain the freshness and the quality of salmon even for months, provided the storage is good. The important thing that does not buy salmon that has been defrosted and then frozen again. Usually, the supermarket officer will tell to the customer, which fish are sold frozen since the beginning and which one have been thawed.

How To Choose A Good Frozen Salmon Fillet To Make Sashimi?

Sashimi is one of Japanese food in the form of seafood with a prime freshness which is immediately eaten raw with flavorings such a soy sauce, grated ginger, and wasabi. After we talking about wild and farmed salmon, the next topic is how to choose a well frozen salmon fillet to make sashimi. If you like this kind of Japanese food, so check it out.

Choose Fresh Salmon Meat

The first step in choosing frozen salmon fillet to be processed into sashimi is to choose the fresh salmon. The fresh salmon in here is the salmon fillet that skin have skin or scales. Choose exactly the type of salmon that suits of your budget and has a delicious taste. If you want to choose the luxurious taste, so you can choose the king salmon which has a soft texture and butter-like taste. If not, you can easily to find the coho salmon which is one type of salmon that has a lighter flavor than king salmon. It also easier to find in various supermarkets or hypermarkets nearby.

Prepare It Well

After you get the frozen salmon fillet salmon that you want, the next step is how to prepare the salmon. There are two ways to prepare sashimi salmon with skin or without skin. If you want to eat without skin, you can remove the skin use sharp knife and salt. You can sprinkle a little salt on the tip of the fish so it won’t slippery when you hold it. Then use a sharp knife to peel it slowly until the whole skin is released. Salmon is a type of fish that is bony rarely. So if you see any bones or thorns left, lift the bones one by one following the path of fiber in the meat. With this method, so you can make a delicious sashimi at home.